FREE SOCKS* with every trial

Do you have poor posture? This Christmas, take an active approach to improving your posture. Strengthen your core and re-align your body with Pilates. 

Enjoy a personalised session with Pilates 1-to-1, or sign up with a friend for Pilates Duet, or join a group class. If the poor posture is giving you shoulder, back or knee pain, try a Pilates-plus-Rehabilitation session for pain relief and strengthening. 

To help you get started, we’re giving away a FREE* pair of non-skid socks with every trial. PLUS, an extra month to complete your package when you sign up for a package after the trial. The extra time is helpful if you are planning to travel during the year’s end. Resume after the travel with no time lost.

The promotion is good for a limited period, so don’t wait. Improve your posture and fitness today!

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*T&Cs apply. The promotion ends 24 Dec 2022.

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    Backache From Pregnancy Went Away

    I had a really bad backache during pregnancy and after my first session, the pain went away and I felt so much better. Really patient and caring instructor! Highly recommended!

    Surprise to Sweat

    I have been positively surprised by the sweat after the Pilates sessions with May. As someone who has spent many hours in the gym, (I didn't expect the intensity of Pilates exercise.) The moves targeted at “small muscles” have brought new inspiration and fun to exercise.

    Able to Sit on Hard Chairs, Feel Refresh

    I’d been having back pain when I sit. I couldn’t sit for long because of the pain. Sitting for a meeting became a problem. Since yesterday after the session (of manual therapy and Pilates,) I experienced a vast improvement. I'm able to sit even on hard chairs. When I got home yesterday, I was completely exhausted and slept very well. I am refreshed today. Thank you.

    A surprisingly pleasant intro to Pilates

    Thank you for a very surprisingly pleasant introduction to Pilates. I am an experienced athlete and a professional diver with chronic stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Today, I found new skills to augment what I already knew, and a focus on proper technique for great results. I felt very effectively engaged.

    Knee exercises and activities that I can continue on my own

    Working overseas, I came back to Singapore for a short four week holiday and thought I should get some Pilates classes to further strengthen my weak knee due to a meniscus tear. I found Move Therapy by googling and signed up for my 1-to1 trial class. May went through my problem and what the doctors did for me. She then designed a set of exercises and activities which I could continue on my own when I go back to work, overseas. After my first trial lesson, I was just so amazed by the differences in my legs. When I arrived back in Singapore, although I’ve recuperated from the meniscus tear through physiotherapy and physical therapy at the hospital, my legs still felt swollen and stiff. I was not able to bend my knees. My attempts at swimming, which was recommended by the doctor, was hard, as I wasn't sure how to move anymore. After my first session with May, my leg muscles felt more relaxed and subsequent sessions continued to make me feel I’m near full recovery. The exercises and activities May prescribed were easy enough to continue at home and in a gym anywhere I go. Thanks!

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