How Strong Is Your Core?

Do you feel you have weak core muscles? Or you want to know how strong are your core muscles. Put your core to the test by doing the three exercises below. Find out how strong or weak your core muscles are, and learn more about Pilates in the process.

The three exercises are arranged in increasing level of difficulty. The first is the easiest, the second is of moderate difficulty and the third, the hardest. So do the first exercise, before progressing to the second and third.


Being deep stabilising muscles of the abdomen and trunk, you can’t actually see core muscles when they contract. When a bodybuilder flexes his trunks and contracts his thighs, you could see the contour and size of his chest, six packs (rectus abdominis) and thigh muscles. This is because the chest, six packs and thigh muscles are large, surface muscles. But not so for core muscles, which lie deep beneath the six-packs and back muscles. Core contraction is not visible to the naked eye. They would not be featured in bodybuilding competitions.

Yet you know you have them. The uncontrollable shakes on the abdomen the first time you are on a stand-up board (SUP) or a kayak, or on other moving surfaces like a wobble board or a Pilates reformer, where your core muscles contract to keep your body stable, are some instances when you know they are there and you have them.


While we may not be able to see core contraction, we know core muscles play an important role in keeping the trunk, particularly the lumbar spine stable when we move. So exercises which challenge trunk, particularly lumbar stability, would provide a good indication of core strength.

All three exercises in the challenge are trunk flexion exercises. As the abdominal muscles are the main muscles responsible for trunk flexion, the exercises would also test your overall abdominal strength. Are you ready to take the core challenge?


Core Challenge

Start with hands behind the head and knees bend (Figure A.) Lift your shoulders and chest up. Keep your gaze long and draw your abdomen in, as you contract your abdominal muscles (Fig. B.) Lower your chest and head back to the start position. Perform 10 repetitions.


  • How high should you lift your chest? To your upper-mid chest.
  • Check if you have kept your abdomen drawn in and low back flat.

If you can complete 10 repetitions of this exercise, Well Done! 


Chest Lift is a test of core strength. Are you able to draw in your abdomen to support your low back in trunk flexion? Can you lift your neck and chest up without feeling strain on your neck or upper-mid back? Tightness on the neck and upper-mid back can inhibit core muscle activation. Daily activities which require trunk flexion include bending over to pick up the newspaper, or heavier items like a box or a child.


How Strong Is Your Core

Hold a medium-sized exercise ball between the thighs with knees bend, and arms above the head. (Fig. A.) Inhale to get ready, and as you exhale, lift the ball from the floor and straighten your legs. Lift your head and chest away from the floor, and reach your arms forward to touch the ball (Fig B.)  Lower the ball and return your chest and head to the start position. Perform 10 reps of the exercise.


  • Can you keep your low back flat on the floor?
  • Can you touch the ball?
  • Did you drop the ball?

If you can complete 10 reps of the exercise: Good job! You have strong core muscles


As you have to lift both your chest and legs up at the same time, the exercise tests your upper and lower abdominal strength, respectively. Holding a ball between the inner thighs also increase core contraction.

The exercise also tests your ability to multi-tasks, and mirrors real life situations, where you have to perform different tasks at the same time. Can you move your upper and lower body, and still keep your low back stable? Signs of weak core muscles are you can’t lift your head and chest high enough for your hands to touch the ball, you drop the ball, or your low back hurts when doing the exercise.


How to challenge your core strength and stability

To start, lie on the mat with arms overhead, and legs straight and together (Fig. A.) Inhale to prepare, and as you exhale, lift your head, shoulder, trunk and legs off the floor until you are balancing on your pelvis. Keep your arms and legs straight, while maintaining a small scoop in your abdomen (Fig. B.) Hold for about 5 seconds before lowering your legs, trunk, shoulder and head back on the mat. Perform 10 reps.


  • Are you able to lift and hold in the position?
  • Do you feel a strain on the low back or on the front of the hips?
  • Can you keep the legs straight?

It you are able perform 10 reps with no feeling of strain on the back or hips, and your legs are straight, Excellent Work! You have exceptional core strength.


Unlike the previous two exercise, in the Teaser, the low back is not supported on the mat. You are balancing the weight of your upper and lower body on the pelvis, which makes the exercise the hardest of the three exercises in the test.

The “pelvis” is the Latin word for “basin.” It earns the name as it functions like the basin of the body. The pelvis is the structure where the spine sits on. It also connects the thighs and legs to the main body. The exercise tests sitting balance. Are the hip bones even on both sides, so that you can stay in balance on the pelvis? Are muscles of the hips which not only affects the low back, but also the legs tight? If you can sit with good balance on your pelvis in this exercise,  your sitting and standing posture are likely to be good.


How did you fare in the challenge? If you are looking to strengthen your core muscles further, give Pilates a try. Pilates is one of the best exercises you can do to improve your core strength. When compared with abdominal exercises at the gym, Pilates exercises have shown to produce more core strength than gym exercises.

However, the exercises you do in a Pilates session are not exclusive to Pilates. You would have had done similar exercises at the gym or in yoga. But what sets Pilates apart is these exercises are done with a greater focus on core  activation than in the other trainings. Below are some examples of Pilates exercises which you would also find in strength training and yoga. See how they are done differently.


Teaser, the third exercise in the core challenge, is a classic Pilates exercise. You would find it taught in most Pilates programmes. There is a similar exercise to Teaser in strength training, called the “V-Up.”

As in the Teaser, you would lift both trunk and legs up from the floor at the same time in the V-Up. The low back is in the shape of the letter, “V.” On the other hand, in the Teaser, the shape of the low back is more “U” shaped than “V” as the emphasis if to maintain a small scoop in the abdomen during the exercise. To keep the abdominal scoop, you would have to contract your core muscles more to increase lumbar flexion. As a result, the Teaser is a better core exercise than the V-Up.

On the other hand, the V-Up is a better exercise for strengthening the hip flexors, muscles at the front of the thighs, than the Teaser.

Both exercises improve strength in trunk flexion. However, Pilates is more core-centric, while strength training is more focused on strengthening the big muscles of the body.


Similarly, you would find many shared exercises between Pilates and yoga. Both exercise methods stretch the body and promote lean muscle growth. But Pilates improve core strength more than yoga.

For example, the “Downward Dog” is a popular yoga pose. The low back is shaped like an inverted V, an upside down version of the earlier exercises, the V-Up and Teaser. The Pilates version of the exercise is known as the “Long Stretch.” Both versions of the exercise stretch the back and the posterior leg muscles (or hamstrings and calves.)

Pilates versus Yoga
Yoga exercise: the Downward Dog

How Pilates and yoga are different
Pilates exercise: Long Stretch

The Downward Dog provides a better stretch than the Long Stretch. Notice the gradient of the back in relation to the leg is steeper in the Downward Dog than in the Pilates version of the exercise, suggesting a bigger stretch than in the Pilates exercise. But the Pilates exercise is better for improving core stability than the yoga exercise.

The Long Stretch is performed standing on the Pilates reformer. The long-back position is accompanied by hip flexion and extension, which send the reformer bed moving. You have to contract the core muscles to stabilise the low back. As a result, the Long Stretch becomes not only a stretch, but also a core exercise.

Whether you are doing strength or stretching exercises, the emphasis on using your core muscles to maintain lumbar stability is a reason Pilates is one of the best exercises to do for core muscle activation.


Even though Pilates is often practiced for fitness, the exercise programme is also good for beginners. This is due to the long tradition of Pilates as an exercise for injury recovery. You would see many equipment in a Pilates studio. These equipment increases your core challenge, but they are also designed to be assistive if you have weak abdominals and core exercises are difficult for you.

Most iconic equipment for core training
Using the Pilates reformer increases the challenge on your core muscles, but the reformer was originally designed for WWI invalids.

For example, the Pilates reformer, the most iconic piece of equipment for core training, was created by Joseph Pilates (1883 -1967) to help invalids in World War I who could not get out of bed to exercise. Doing exercises on the moving bed restored their strength and health. Today, the Pilates reformer is found not only in Pilates studios, but also in hospitals and gyms for rehabilitation and fitness.

If you are looking to strengthen your core muscles, drop by your local Pilates studio for a session. You may have done some of the exercises before at the gym, in yoga or from YouTube videos. But just like listening to a remix of an old song, it could give a whole new meaning to the work. You will feel your core muscles in the session.

Take the core challenge. Try a session today.

Medical Disclaimer: Always consult your physician if you have an existing pain or a pre-existing medical condition before beginning any exercise. The above information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or replace your healthcare professional.

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    Postnatal Pilates, Would Recommend

    I'd private sessions with May for Postnatal Pilates. I have enjoyed & benefited from them. May is both knowledgeable & professional. Would recommend!
    Sharon T

    Better Posture, Feels Great After Class

    May is great at correcting my posture so that the correct muscles will be activated. It's a marked difference from reformer classes at the gym versus here. Feels great to walk away feeling taller and more upright after class 🙂

    Perceptive & Good

    May is very perceptive and good at picking out which muscles that are not working as they should!

    Backache From Pregnancy Went Away

    I had a really bad backache during pregnancy and after my first session, the pain went away and I felt so much better. Really patient and caring instructor! Highly recommended!

    Totally Happy, Find Relief From Back Pain

    May is an amazing instructor and her Pilates sessions are very relaxing! She helped me relieved my back pain due to my first pregnancy since 4 years ago with only a few sessions. Totally happy with the result and looking forward to attending more sessions!

    Surprise to Sweat

    I have been positively surprised by the sweat after the Pilates sessions with May. As someone who has spent many hours in the gym, (I didn't expect the intensity of Pilates exercise.) The moves targeted at “small muscles” have brought new inspiration and fun to exercise.

    Able to Sit on Hard Chairs, Feel Refresh

    I’d been having back pain when I sit. I couldn’t sit for long because of the pain. Sitting for a meeting became a problem. Since yesterday after the session (of manual therapy and Pilates,) I experienced a vast improvement. I'm able to sit even on hard chairs. When I got home yesterday, I was completely exhausted and slept very well. I am refreshed today. Thank you.

    Started Pilates During Pregnancy

    First try at Pilates when I found out about my pregnancy! Instructor May is patient and encouraging, she takes extra care as I approach my due date. Also, studio is clean and hygiene!

    A Wonderful Experience, Prenatal Pilates

    I started doing Prenatal Pilates with May in my second trimester. Although it’s my first time, May has made Pilates very easy and comfortable to pick up and she is always very attentive to my postures during class. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I highly recommend for any mummies to-be looking for prenatal exercise (:
    Hui Ying

    Looking Out For What I Need

    WOW! It has been a different experience for me at the Pilates sessions with May as from the others I went to! Love how May looks out for what I need to strengthen, and customises the sessions to suit me. Totally awesome!
    Peck Lian

    Feeling Like A Million Dollars

    May is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable. Every time I walk out (of the Pilates session) feeling like a million dollars!

    Awaken Many Tiny Muscles

    Thank you a thousand times. You gave me the beginnings of a 6 pack, made me so much more aware of my body and breathing. So many tiny / lazy muscles have been awakened!
    Cat H

    Pilates for ScoliosisFinding Symmetry Despite Scoliosis

    I have had scoliosis for 30 years. My left and right upper back and buttocks become asymmetric. With customised Pilates exercise, I saw my upper back and butts more equal for the first time. Thank you!

    Given Me Hope That I'll Walk Normally Again

    May has given me hope that I will in the near future, be able to walk normally again with minimal pain in my knees. She is great at getting to the root of the problem, in correcting muscular imbalances through manual therapy, pilates and home exercises. Thank you, May!

    Reversing The Effects of Sitting

    I spend lots of hours sitting on a chair, in front of my laptop and that's harmful for my body and specially my back. I see May every week for Pilates and she helps me restore balance, finding healthier postures for my body and releasing from the weekly erosion.

    Countering the Effects of Medication, Feeling Stronger

    Post surgery, I was looking for a physical trainer to partner with in counteracting the effects of long term medication, and in building a stronger body for health reasons. After a year of training with May, my walking gait has improved, knees feel stronger and better supported by muscular mass built through exercises planned by May. I feel confident that I can depend on her expertise to address pain in the body and more importantly learn new habits to slowly build a stronger, pain-free body. Thank you May for being a very important part of my healing process!

    Ease the Effects of Chemotherapy

    Cancer and chemotherapy have greatly affected and changed my body and mind. During chemotherapy, I have developed chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. A year into post chemotherapy, the side effects, pain and discomforts lingered on. My hands and legs were frequently stiff, swollen and tingling with pins and needles. I was struggling with fatigue, balance and mobility. I met May at Move Therapy in January 2018. Her studio is no frills but well equipped and personable. May did not paint me any rosy promises or rainbow illusions. She did some evaluations and suggested we can start with some rehabilitation and strengthening workouts. I never looked elsewhere after our initial workout and I have been going to her since. Thanks to her guidance and motivation, I have physically improved and no longer suffering in pain and discomfort. The tingling pins and needles in my hands and feet have much subdued and most important, I am no longer struggling with my balance and mobility.
    K Foo

    Relieves Knee Pain, Improves Fitness

    I'm glad to have May as my Pilates instructor. May has helped me with my bad knee through exercises and orthopedic manipulation. She is also very patient, and committed to my body's improvement beside my knee.
    Ai Lin

    Really like the Pilates class, better flexibility

    I really like the Pilates class because May explains it very well. As such, I can actually do the exercise quite easily. At the same time, I can feel improvement in my flexibility. I hope she continues teaching the class at NUS.

    A surprisingly pleasant intro to Pilates

    Thank you for a very surprisingly pleasant introduction to Pilates. I am an experienced athlete and a professional diver with chronic stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Today, I found new skills to augment what I already knew, and a focus on proper technique for great results. I felt very effectively engaged.

    Weekly Pilates, important in my schedule

    I often wear high heels which affect my posture. I walked with a hunch. I have the pleasure of improving my posture in the Pilates classes at Move Therapy. When I see myself in the mirror, I see the change. I stand straight. I put Pilates down as important in my schedule. I make it a point to come for exercise every week.

    The Best Part, My Lower Back Pain Has Gone Away

    I attended Pilates classes because of my lower back pain that came about after National Service. I had fears prior to joining May’s Pilates session as the only guy in class, but her non-judgemental attitude very quickly eased my worries and concerns. I started to enjoy the sessions more and more each week with her patient guidance. The best part is that now my lower back pain has gone away!

    Any stiffness always get relieved

    I always leave every Pilates session feeling mobile and supple. Any stiffness and other related conditions, that came with a desk-bound job, always get relieved. It is because May’s approach to exercise is holistic. Clients are more aware of their everyday movement when they get to practice the movement in the sessions; the emphasis on connecting the breath and mind is also important. I wish there were more like her in the industry! I miss my sessions when I’m away.

    Each week I walk away with a smile

    Just completed my 6th Pilates session and I feel great. I have really noticed the difference already. I am feeling stronger and fitter from my sessions. The care, precision and attention, that May provides, has allowed me to make quick progress and to concentrate on my posture, core strength and flexibility. I love attending my reformer session and each week I walk away with a smile!

    Less tired after a long day at work

    I am in my 40s. I can feel that my lower back and kneecap are starting to weaken. After I attended May's Pilates lessons, I can feel that I have improved in terms of strength, fitness and balance. I have learned to strengthen and stretch certain parts of our body muscles that we rarely work on in our daily life. My body posture has also improved tremendously, and I feel less tired after a long day of work in front of a computer.

    I'm running more, have less injury

    I am an avid runner. I run 10km a few times a week. I had hurt my ankles, calves just to name a few of the body parts I’d injured from running. Many of times I didn’t wait until I have completely recovered before I resumed running. It had resulted in the injury being prolonged. After attending May’s Pilates classes for about a year, I have gained better awareness of my body and movement. May taught me a lot about core strengthening, maintaining good posture and about movement. I’m more aware of my running posture. I find myself correcting my posture on the go like altering my foot alignment when I encounter discomfort, as well as how to stretch after. I can run more often because I have less injury now. Thank you May.

    My 2017 Highlight is your Pilates Classes

    "One good thing that happened to me in 2017 is attending your Pilates classes. I have chronic lower back pain since early 20s. I am in my 30s now. From a MRI scan a year ago, I found I have ‘lesser fluid’ on two of my lower back discs which might be the cause of my back pain. Sometimes, sitting was just annoying and I’d to take leave from my desk or from what I was doing to lie down. I’d been visiting TCM for quick reliefs when the pain was unbearable. I did some yoga and exercises through the years. They helped but they seemed to bring me other issues like knee discomfort, and a feeling of imbalance on my lower back. It could be I was doing these yoga poses and exercises wrongly. However, in your Pilates classes, the instructions are very detailed and clear on which part of the body I should be working on. Hence, I am able to do the pose with confidence without having to worry I might injure my back further. The lower back feels so soft after each lesson. After so many years of searching for an answer, the solution to my lower back problem is Pilates, where ‘The pelvis is the centre of the body where everything begins’ 🙂 Thank you!"


    "The result is amazing! My posture has improved. I now stand taller and walk with greater balance. I enjoy every Pilates class with its varied exercises using muscles that I did not know I have."
    Kwee Eng


    "I love the Pilates class! The clear, well-structured and creative exercises sometimes left me feeling sore, but glad I went. The instructor tailored the exercises to suit class members, provided individual attention to everyone on alignment and posture improvement. I found her “hands on” approach very helpful. It helped me understand what I need to work on. Going to the classes have improved my posture, flexibility and strength. Definitely for people who are interested in increasing their flexibility, balance and strength!"
    Chew Hoey


    "I'm in my early 20s. Having a lower back strain for close to 3 years, I can really feel the difference after attending May's Pilates group lessons. I’ve been attending for 10 weeks. I can feel that my posture has improved significantly and my back doesn't hurt as often as before. Thank you!"


    "I'd dizzy spells and headache. They were so bad that I’d been unable to work. I saw many health professionals and nothing worked until I saw May. In my one-to-one sessions, May relieved the tension from my neck and shoulders, and she showed me how I can actively keep the pain away through rolling and exercise. With exercise, my legs are also stronger. I can walk further. I climbed Mt Fuji in Japan with my husband in 2015. A year ago, I won't have thought I would be able to join my husband on the trip up Mt Fuji."


    "I’d persistent lower back pain after giving birth to my daughter. I saw many healthcare professionals, but my back didn’t get better. But since starting my private sessions, my pain has gone. Before I didn’t want to move out of fear my back would act up, but not anymore. I’ve started running, and recently completed a 5-km run. Thank you!"

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