Prenatal Pilates

Exercising during pregnancy can help mothers-to-be stay healthy and prepare for the delivery. Pilates is particularly good for prenatal. What you will receive:

  • A gentle, low-impact workout to strengthen your core muscles and tone your pelvic floor; reduce back pain during pregnancy and help you with an easier delivery
  • A stronger core also reduces the risk of diastasis recti, a separation at the centreline of the abdomen, a condition common both pre- and postnatal
  • You will also strengthen your arms and shoulders for the nights ahead with the new baby
  • Stretch your feet and ankles; prevent leg cramps
  • Increase your energy; feel less tired
  • Are you concern about COVID-19? Train in a clean, private and well-equipped studio.

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Prenatal Pilates are available 1-to-1 and in a Duet

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    "I’d persistent lower back pain after giving birth to my daughter. I saw many healthcare professionals, but my back didn’t get better. But since starting my private sessions, my pain has gone. Before I didn’t want to move out of fear my back would act up, but not anymore. I’ve started running, and recently completed a 5-km run. Thank you!"

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