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At Move Therapy, our goal is to improve lives through Pilates and Rehabilitation. We believe a movement-based programme is an important source of pain relief. It decreases the dependence on painkillers, and it helps us to avoid surgery.

Our rehabilitation service of manual therapy provides pain relief and reduce movement restriction, while our Pilates service brings the benefits of core-specific training. Having stronger core muscles allow us to move better. Together, Pilates and manual therapy offer a simple, but effective remedy for relieving pain and improving fitness.


We tend to see the human skeleton as bones stack one on top of the other like bricks. According to Thomas Myers, who has re-shaped the way we see human anatomy, the skeleton is more accurately a hanging than stacking structure, floating in “a sea of soft-tissue.”

In a floating structure, the tension is distributed through the structure rather than concentrated in one area. The tension is constantly being adjusted. Tensegrity, a combination of two words, “Tension” and “Integrity,” describes the manner in which the structure is maintained. Thomas Myers wrote in his post about tensegrity:

If we are a tensegrity structure, the ‘load’ that is causing pain or strain in the low back may be sourced in the foot or the shoulder – so we have to be able to see the pattern to know where to intervene.

If you have been told your low back pain is due to a prior foot or shoulder injury, Thomas Myers was the first to map the connection (or myofascial slings) within the body.


For pain relief, we want to create movement expansion, not restriction, wrote Myers who practices “integrated” manual therapy. A combination of manual therapy and movement allows the body to expand. Myers likens good tensegrity to the smooth dance moves of Fred Astaire.

At Move Therapy, our goal is to bring movement back to the body through Pilates and manual therapy. Our quality of life is better when we are able to move pain free. Let your body flow. Make waves.

Meet May

Move Therapy was started in March 2016 by May Tham. She is a certified Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapist, COMT with the Art & Science of Kinesiology.

May is also a nationally certified Pilates Teacher, NCPT under the National Pilates Certification Program. She received her Pilates training from Polestar® Pilates. She is also trained in Pre- and Postnatal Pilates by the Centre for Women’s Fitness.

Additionally, May is a Certified Personal Trainer, CPT with the American College of Sports Medicine, and is an accredited Allied Fitness Professional with Exercise is Medicine®. If you have an exercise prescription from your doctor, you can contact May, or Move Therapy about the exercises to meet the prescription.

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    Looking Out For What I Need

    WOW! It has been a different experience for me at the Pilates sessions with May as from the others I went to! Love how May looks out for what I need to strengthen, and customises the sessions to suit me. Totally awesome!
    Peck Lian

    Feeling Like A Million Dollars

    May is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable. Every time I walk out (of the Pilates session) feeling like a million dollars!

    Awaken Many Tiny Muscles

    Thank you a thousand times. You gave me the beginnings of a 6 pack, made me so much more aware of my body and breathing. So many tiny / lazy muscles have been awakened!
    Cat H

    Recover From Wrist Injury

    May has a wide experience in this field. Her physiology expertise is guaranteed 100%, as she has mastered the ability to see, touch & feel every vein, muscle, tendon and joint to pinpoint the inflammation (on my wrist.) I have a wrist injury that occured 6 months ago. I recently completed 6 sessions with her. My condition has improved tremendously. I have gained back my confidence in executing complex exercise movements, thanks to her.

    Pilates for ScoliosisFinding Symmetry Despite Scoliosis

    I have had scoliosis for 30 years. My left and right upper back and buttocks become asymmetric. With customised Pilates exercise, I saw my upper back and butts more equal for the first time. Thank you!

    Really like the Pilates class, better flexibility

    I really like the Pilates class because May explains it very well. As such, I can actually do the exercise quite easily. At the same time, I can feel improvement in my flexibility. I hope she continues teaching the class at NUS.

    Any stiffness always get relieved

    I always leave every Pilates session feeling mobile and supple. Any stiffness and other related conditions, that came with a desk-bound job, always get relieved. It is because May’s approach to exercise is holistic. Clients are more aware of their everyday movement when they get to practice the movement in the sessions; the emphasis on connecting the breath and mind is also important. I wish there were more like her in the industry! I miss my sessions when I’m away.

    Each week I walk away with a smile

    Just completed my 6th Pilates session and I feel great. I have really noticed the difference already. I am feeling stronger and fitter from my sessions. The care, precision and attention, that May provides, has allowed me to make quick progress and to concentrate on my posture, core strength and flexibility. I love attending my reformer session and each week I walk away with a smile!

    Each session I see improvement

    I was fortunate to connect with May at Move Therapy to heal my shoulder and back issues. On day one, she did a thorough assessment of my posture and range of motion. She made a great exercise plan for me. With each session I could see the improvement, and magically my pain went away. Still before starting each session, she would assess then adjust the exercises accordingly. Thank you May for relieving my pain and giving me a new understanding on how I can maintain my body balance and posture!! I strongly recommend Move Therapy to anybody who is in pain, and if you are not in pain, the sessions will let you gain a new understanding of the human body.

    My 2017 Highlight is your Pilates Classes

    "One good thing that happened to me in 2017 is attending your Pilates classes. I have chronic lower back pain since early 20s. I am in my 30s now. From a MRI scan a year ago, I found I have ‘lesser fluid’ on two of my lower back discs which might be the cause of my back pain. Sometimes, sitting was just annoying and I’d to take leave from my desk or from what I was doing to lie down. I’d been visiting TCM for quick reliefs when the pain was unbearable. I did some yoga and exercises through the years. They helped but they seemed to bring me other issues like knee discomfort, and a feeling of imbalance on my lower back. It could be I was doing these yoga poses and exercises wrongly. However, in your Pilates classes, the instructions are very detailed and clear on which part of the body I should be working on. Hence, I am able to do the pose with confidence without having to worry I might injure my back further. The lower back feels so soft after each lesson. After so many years of searching for an answer, the solution to my lower back problem is Pilates, where ‘The pelvis is the centre of the body where everything begins’ 🙂 Thank you!"