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The Beatles — one of the greatest bands of all time — has a catchy tune called “When I’m Sixty Four.” Released in 1967, the song is about growing old. It is a playful rumination of whether love and life would still be the same at 64. Paul McCartney, one of the Beatles, wrote the song for his father when he turned 64, a year before the retirement age in the United Kingdom then.

Retirement age has since risen in the UK and elsewhere in the world, including Singapore. As we work longer and retire later, would we still have the strength to meet up with friends, potter around the garden or keep an eye on the grandchildren? The purpose of the Pilates Gold sessions is to help individuals, aged 65 years and above stay active.


Pilates provides a full body workout which not only strengthens the big muscles of the body, but also the smaller, stabilising muscles such as core and pelvic floor muscles.

Incontinence (or leaky urine) and prolapse are common pelvic floor conditions among older adults. The low abdominal and pelvic floor muscles often weaken with age. Core and pelvic floor exercises can help tone and tighten the low abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.


We are more familiar with why we should strengthen our upper and lower body, but less on why we need to strengthen core and abdominal muscles. Stronger core and abdominal muscles improve trunk flexion. They are the muscles that help us get out of bed every morning. We flex the trunk by contracting the abdominal muscles to sit up in bed.

As we move from a seated to a standing position, the abdominal muscles — particularly the core muscles — act as brakes to prevent the hip flexors (or anterior thigh muscles) from pulling the trunk too far forward as we are standing up, and the hip extensors (or posterior thigh muscles) from pulling the trunk too far backwards in the standing position. Core muscles prevent excessive movement at the lumbar spine when we transit from a seated to a standing position, and as we move around for the rest of the day.

As the lumbar spine is attached to the pelvis, strengthening core muscles also prevent instability at the pelvis such as at the sacroiliac (SI) joints. We may not think about our core muscles that much, but they help us get out bed every morning, keep the pelvic floor tone, and play an important role in trunk and pelvic stability.


Pilates also makes exercising easier if you are 65 years and above and have joint pain or mobility issues.

For example, if you have knee pain, exercising on the Pilates reformer reduces the weight of the upper body on the knees. The reformer —  a moving bed made of springs — allows you to do leg and footwork exercises in a lying down position. Exercising on the reformer improves the range of motion in which the knees could move without pain. As a result, take the opportunity to stretch and strengthen the lower and upper body on the reformer.

As you get better, practice single-leg exercises. It is much easier to do single-leg balance on the Pilates reformer than when you are standing. Having a better balance and more lower-body strength, reduce the risk of falls, a common cause of trauma injury in older adults.

Enjoy Pilates, practice and see results. 


Paul McCartney — still going strong at 81 years old with a planned concert tour in Australia in late 2023 — was asked by Australian ABC News whether he remembered the young man who first visited the country in 1964. The Beatles were met with “loud shouts” from adoring fans.

McCartney replied with surprise: “This is him, still here. He is just not so young anymore.”

He said he hasn’t changed.

”This is still that same guy,” McCartney said, adding the best part about growing old is the memories.

“I have great memories of them and that young man they were shouting at,” he said.

Life doesn’t stop at 64, or at 81. You are still the same person. Let Pilates help you live your life fully. The combination of strengthening the large and smaller muscles of the body makes Pilates a good exercise for active ageing. So start today. See below for more details:

Pilates Group Gold

If you are 65 years old and above, the Gold class is designed to help you stay active & pain free. What you will receive:

  • A low-to-moderate exercise programme of 55 minutes on the Pilates reformer and other Pilates equipment^ to strengthen & improve stamina; exercise at a pace comfortable for you
  • A small class ratio of about 4 participants max. to 1 instructor, good for beginners
  • Strengthens big muscles of the body, as well as the smaller, stabilising muscles such as the core and pelvic floor muscles
  • Experience less joint stress exercising on the reformer
  • Improve balance, reduce the risk of falls
  • Stretch & improve flexibility, reduce joint stiffness

Due to the small class size, slots are limited. So don’t wait, reserve your slot today.

Pilates Gold Class Schedule

  • Mon 3 pm 
  • Thu  3.30 pm

There is no class if the class day falls on a public holiday.

Sign up for a class trial at $60* only 

*T&Cs apply. After the trial, class price is $65 each person per class for a minimum of 10 classes. Save $50 when you sign up for 20 classes. ^The combination of Pilates reformer, trapeze table, chair or mat exercises for each class is at the instructor’s discretion.

Prefer a more personalised session or a different timing? We also offer Pilates 1-to-1 & Duet. If you have a joint pain, Pilates with Rehabilitation is also available.

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    My Parents Really Enjoy the Senior Gold Class

    Hidden Pilates gem in the area! May is an amazing and passionate Pilates instructor! She is extremely attentive to my parents who have been attending the senior Pilates Gold class for more than half a year - and has helped them train full body muscles to improve balance, weight distribution when walking and assuage their knee pain. My parents really enjoy her classes and feedback that she’s extremely patient on guiding them to make the right Pilates postures! Adding on, they also highlight her facilities are very clean! Thumbs up~

    Able to Sit on Hard Chairs, Feel Refresh

    I’d been having back pain when I sit. I couldn’t sit for long because of the pain. Sitting for a meeting became a problem. Since yesterday after the session (of manual therapy and Pilates,) I experienced a vast improvement. I'm able to sit even on hard chairs. When I got home yesterday, I was completely exhausted and slept very well. I am refreshed today. Thank you.

    Ease the Effects of Chemotherapy

    Cancer and chemotherapy have greatly affected and changed my body and mind. During chemotherapy, I have developed chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. A year into post chemotherapy, the side effects, pain and discomforts lingered on. My hands and legs were frequently stiff, swollen and tingling with pins and needles. I was struggling with fatigue, balance and mobility. I met May at Move Therapy in January 2018. Her studio is no frills but well equipped and personable. May did not paint me any rosy promises or rainbow illusions. She did some evaluations and suggested we can start with some rehabilitation and strengthening workouts. I never looked elsewhere after our initial workout and I have been going to her since. Thanks to her guidance and motivation, I have physically improved and no longer suffering in pain and discomfort. The tingling pins and needles in my hands and feet have much subdued and most important, I am no longer struggling with my balance and mobility.
    K Foo

    Relieves Knee Pain, Improves Fitness

    I'm glad to have May as my Pilates instructor. May has helped me with my bad knee through exercises and orthopedic manipulation. She is also very patient, and committed to my body's improvement beside my knee.
    Ai Lin