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Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy

A Non Surgical Approach to Pain Relief

Regular exercise offers many benefits, but when you have muscle or joint (musculoskeletal) pain, it is difficult to exercise regularly. We hear you. Our Rehabilitation Programme may just be what you are looking for. Find the pain relief you need:

Knee, Leg Pain Remedy

What is Manual Therapy?

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy — or manual therapy in short — is a skilled joint-and-muscle loosening technique, used to treat specific muscle or joint pain. COMT relieves pain and removes the movement restriction at the affected area. The technique is

C linical because COMT is precise. The purpose is to treat a specific pain, injury or restriction.

O rthopedic because COMT is related to the branch of medicine which deals with the correction of bones and muscles.

M T for Manual Therapy because the assessment and treatment are mainly administered manually by hand.

Our Rehab Programmes

Neck Pain Remedy

Do you have tension headaches? Or you are finding it difficult to turn your head or to look up. Or is the long hours at the desk affecting your neck health? Find relief from the neck tension…


Find lasting relief from wrist pain

Do you have wrist pain? Does the pain radiate to the fingers or elbow? Are you frustrated by the pain and the loss of wrist strength? Find pain relief and restore your strength…


Unlock The Hips

Long hours of sitting, standing or maintaining a certain position for a long time whether for work or sports, can lock up the hip joints. Stretch, strengthen and unlock your hips with Pilates…


Knee Pain Remedy Fast Effective

Do you have knee pain? You want to avoid surgery, but you are finding it difficult to exercise because of the pain. Try Pilates. Come stretch and strengthen the knee…


 For a list of the programmes available, please go to the Quick Links at the end of the page.

All Manual Therapy sessions will include Pilates exercises.

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    Better Body Alignment & Awareness

    After a few sessions with May, I realize if I don’t center my body when I walk and stand, all the pains in my right knee and lower back returns. Now I consciously seek to distribute equal weight to both legs and align my body when I walk. Thanks May!

    Able to Sit on Hard Chairs, Feel Refresh

    I’d been having back pain when I sit. I couldn’t sit for long because of the pain. Sitting for a meeting became a problem. Since yesterday after the session (of manual therapy and Pilates,) I experienced a vast improvement. I'm able to sit even on hard chairs. When I got home yesterday, I was completely exhausted and slept very well. I am refreshed today. Thank you.

    Recover From Wrist Injury

    May has a wide experience in this field. Her physiology expertise is guaranteed 100%, as she has mastered the ability to see, touch & feel every vein, muscle, tendon and joint to pinpoint the inflammation (on my wrist.) I have a wrist injury that occured 6 months ago. I recently completed 6 sessions with her. My condition has improved tremendously. I have gained back my confidence in executing complex exercise movements, thanks to her.

    Given Me Hope That I'll Walk Normally Again

    May has given me hope that I will in the near future, be able to walk normally again with minimal pain in my knees. She is great at getting to the root of the problem, in correcting muscular imbalances through manual therapy, pilates and home exercises. Thank you, May!

    Ease the Effects of Chemotherapy

    Cancer and chemotherapy have greatly affected and changed my body and mind. During chemotherapy, I have developed chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. A year into post chemotherapy, the side effects, pain and discomforts lingered on. My hands and legs were frequently stiff, swollen and tingling with pins and needles. I was struggling with fatigue, balance and mobility. I met May at Move Therapy in January 2018. Her studio is no frills but well equipped and personable. May did not paint me any rosy promises or rainbow illusions. She did some evaluations and suggested we can start with some rehabilitation and strengthening workouts. I never looked elsewhere after our initial workout and I have been going to her since. Thanks to her guidance and motivation, I have physically improved and no longer suffering in pain and discomfort. The tingling pins and needles in my hands and feet have much subdued and most important, I am no longer struggling with my balance and mobility.
    K Foo

    Relieves Knee Pain, Improves Fitness

    I'm glad to have May as my Pilates instructor. May has helped me with my bad knee through exercises and orthopedic manipulation. She is also very patient, and committed to my body's improvement beside my knee.
    Ai Lin

    A surprisingly pleasant intro to Pilates

    Thank you for a very surprisingly pleasant introduction to Pilates. I am an experienced athlete and a professional diver with chronic stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Today, I found new skills to augment what I already knew, and a focus on proper technique for great results. I felt very effectively engaged.

    Knee exercises and activities that I can continue on my own

    Working overseas, I came back to Singapore for a short four week holiday and thought I should get some Pilates classes to further strengthen my weak knee due to a meniscus tear. I found Move Therapy by googling and signed up for my 1-to1 trial class. May went through my problem and what the doctors did for me. She then designed a set of exercises and activities which I could continue on my own when I go back to work, overseas. After my first trial lesson, I was just so amazed by the differences in my legs. When I arrived back in Singapore, although I’ve recuperated from the meniscus tear through physiotherapy and physical therapy at the hospital, my legs still felt swollen and stiff. I was not able to bend my knees. My attempts at swimming, which was recommended by the doctor, was hard, as I wasn't sure how to move anymore. After my first session with May, my leg muscles felt more relaxed and subsequent sessions continued to make me feel I’m near full recovery. The exercises and activities May prescribed were easy enough to continue at home and in a gym anywhere I go. Thanks!

    The Best Part, My Lower Back Pain Has Gone Away

    I attended Pilates classes because of my lower back pain that came about after National Service. I had fears prior to joining May’s Pilates session as the only guy in class, but her non-judgemental attitude very quickly eased my worries and concerns. I started to enjoy the sessions more and more each week with her patient guidance. The best part is that now my lower back pain has gone away!

    Each session I see improvement

    I was fortunate to connect with May at Move Therapy to heal my shoulder and back issues. On day one, she did a thorough assessment of my posture and range of motion. She made a great exercise plan for me. With each session I could see the improvement, and magically my pain went away. Still before starting each session, she would assess then adjust the exercises accordingly. Thank you May for relieving my pain and giving me a new understanding on how I can maintain my body balance and posture!! I strongly recommend Move Therapy to anybody who is in pain, and if you are not in pain, the sessions will let you gain a new understanding of the human body.


    "I suffered from severe upper back pain and headache in 2012 - 2013.  At the same time, I was also suffering from back pain, leg cramps and weak ankles. I was introduced to May for manual therapy and exercise. She not only loosened but also showed me how to loosen the tight muscles on my own, using balls and rollers gradually, through a well thought-out program. She was always patient. She never forced me to do exercises which I thought that were quite beyond me. I learned good posture, and how to maintain good standing and sitting postures. I really appreciate May’s help in solving my chronic pain and correcting my bad posture."
    Cheng Duan


    "I was so worried about climbing Wutai Shan (Shanxi, China) because I'd knee pain. I wanted to  perform the Buddhist rite of walk, pray and kneel on every three steps up the 1,080 stairs of the sacred mountain. It was the main reason for going. It would be very difficult to do with my kneecap problem. My sister recommended Move Therapy to me. After one session, I was so surprised there was no more pain on my kneecap. I felt I was walking with very light steps. The relief was so immediate, it took me by surprise. Of course, I continued to roll after, using the foam roller. It wasn't just from one class at Move Therapy, but the class showed me how to and on which area of my legs I should focus on when I roll. I was able to walk, pray and kneel up Wutai Shan. A wish come true. No knee pain. Thank you."
    Beng Lee


    "I'm in my early 20s. Having a lower back strain for close to 3 years, I can really feel the difference after attending May's Pilates group lessons. I’ve been attending for 10 weeks. I can feel that my posture has improved significantly and my back doesn't hurt as often as before. Thank you!"


    "I'd dizzy spells and headache. They were so bad that I’d been unable to work. I saw many health professionals and nothing worked until I saw May. In my one-to-one sessions, May relieved the tension from my neck and shoulders, and she showed me how I can actively keep the pain away through rolling and exercise. With exercise, my legs are also stronger. I can walk further. I climbed Mt Fuji in Japan with my husband in 2015. A year ago, I won't have thought I would be able to join my husband on the trip up Mt Fuji."


    "I’d persistent lower back pain after giving birth to my daughter. I saw many healthcare professionals, but my back didn’t get better. But since starting my private sessions, my pain has gone. Before I didn’t want to move out of fear my back would act up, but not anymore. I’ve started running, and recently completed a 5-km run. Thank you!"

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