Knee Pain: Avoid Surgery, Stretch & Strengthen

Do you have knee pain? You want to avoid surgery, but you are finding it difficult to exercise because of the pain. Try Pilates. What you’ll receive

  • Stretch the knees, legs and ankles on the Pilates reformer; improve flexibility
  • Doing exercises while lying down on the Pilates reformer put less stress on the knees; recover faster
  • Strengthen your core muscles at the same time; move better, improve fitness
  • You’ll have access to Rehabilitation Manual Therapy for pain relief; find immediate relief from the knee pain
  • Exercise with confidence knowing Manual Therapy is available in every session; don’t be afraid to move as we would loosen the pain for you
  •  Plus access to Personal Training; particularly helpful if doing a certain activity causes you knee pain. Practice the movement with your trainer

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You Will Have THREE Premium Services — Pilates, Manual Therapy, Personal Training — For The Price Of One:

  • Save Time & Money: instead of going to different places, find the pain relief and knee-strengthening exercises you need in one session
  • See Faster Results: the three services are available every session
  • Suitable for All Fitness Levels: the 1-to-1 session is customised to suit you
  • Find the trial session helpful? Receive up to 20%* OFF on new sessions when you sign up on the same day
  • Avoid Surgery, Stretch & Strengthen Your Knees
*Each session is for an hour. Terms and conditions apply.

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    Perceptive & Good

    May is very perceptive and good at picking out which muscles that are not working as they should!

    Better Body Alignment & Awareness

    After a few sessions with May, I realize if I don’t center my body when I walk and stand, all the pains in my right knee and lower back returns. Now I consciously seek to distribute equal weight to both legs and align my body when I walk. Thanks May!

    Given Me Hope That I'll Walk Normally Again

    May has given me hope that I will in the near future, be able to walk normally again with minimal pain in my knees. She is great at getting to the root of the problem, in correcting muscular imbalances through manual therapy, pilates and home exercises. Thank you, May!

    Relieves Knee Pain, Improves Fitness

    I'm glad to have May as my Pilates instructor. May has helped me with my bad knee through exercises and orthopedic manipulation. She is also very patient, and committed to my body's improvement beside my knee.
    Ai Lin

    Knee exercises and activities that I can continue on my own

    Working overseas, I came back to Singapore for a short four week holiday and thought I should get some Pilates classes to further strengthen my weak knee due to a meniscus tear. I found Move Therapy by googling and signed up for my 1-to1 trial class. May went through my problem and what the doctors did for me. She then designed a set of exercises and activities which I could continue on my own when I go back to work, overseas. After my first trial lesson, I was just so amazed by the differences in my legs. When I arrived back in Singapore, although I’ve recuperated from the meniscus tear through physiotherapy and physical therapy at the hospital, my legs still felt swollen and stiff. I was not able to bend my knees. My attempts at swimming, which was recommended by the doctor, was hard, as I wasn't sure how to move anymore. After my first session with May, my leg muscles felt more relaxed and subsequent sessions continued to make me feel I’m near full recovery. The exercises and activities May prescribed were easy enough to continue at home and in a gym anywhere I go. Thanks!

    I'm running more, have less injury

    I am an avid runner. I run 10km a few times a week. I had hurt my ankles, calves just to name a few of the body parts I’d injured from running. Many of times I didn’t wait until I have completely recovered before I resumed running. It had resulted in the injury being prolonged. After attending May’s Pilates classes for about a year, I have gained better awareness of my body and movement. May taught me a lot about core strengthening, maintaining good posture and about movement. I’m more aware of my running posture. I find myself correcting my posture on the go like altering my foot alignment when I encounter discomfort, as well as how to stretch after. I can run more often because I have less injury now. Thank you May.


    "I was so worried about climbing Wutai Shan (Shanxi, China) because I'd knee pain. I wanted to  perform the Buddhist rite of walk, pray and kneel on every three steps up the 1,080 stairs of the sacred mountain. It was the main reason for going. It would be very difficult to do with my kneecap problem. My sister recommended Move Therapy to me. After one session, I was so surprised there was no more pain on my kneecap. I felt I was walking with very light steps. The relief was so immediate, it took me by surprise. Of course, I continued to roll after, using the foam roller. It wasn't just from one class at Move Therapy, but the class showed me how to and on which area of my legs I should focus on when I roll. I was able to walk, pray and kneel up Wutai Shan. A wish come true. No knee pain. Thank you."
    Beng Lee

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